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by nmbalach

bpaisley:  “What an amazing idea!  LMR is keeping classical music alive!  With the age of technology, people want to know more than ever and feel connected.  LMR allows us, the viewer, this rare chance to get to know these professionals more than through a song.  I loved hearing the honesty behind Kallen Esperian’s interviews…..Creating and […]

“All Hail the Opera Singer” by Seymour Barab (written September 2013)

by nmbalach

  “All Hail the Opera Singer!” “It is a well-known fact that in the opera world, singers are held in rather low esteem by instrumentalists. That is due  to the fact that some of the most highly regarded opera singers of the past (such as Enrico Caruso)  could not read music. I don’t believe that […]

LMR’s™ Launch

by nmbalach

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