LMR’s™ Beat has a new name,


Tune in from anywhere for our live streamed talk show hosted by University of Mississippi professor and soprano, Nancy Maria Balach.  This innovative and interactive web series features acclaimed artists and pedagogues in the field of music.  Prior to each talk show, viewers are encouraged to post questions they want asked of the featured guest(s) during the live streamed event.  The host, Nancy Maria Balach, then structures the format of the interview with these questions in mind.  The series launched in March 2014 and is held in front of a small studio audience at Oxford’s Powerhouse.  During LMR™ LIVE, questions are welcomed via twitter, email, or web chat from anywhere in the world, as well as from the live studio audience.  All interview programs are archived in their entirety on the LMR™ website.  LMR™ LIVE is produced by University of Mississippi undergraduate music majors and is co-sponsored by the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council.

LMR has enabled professors and students, professional singers, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra Chorus, community choirs, teachers from the National Association of Teachers of Singing, and public schools to receive direct feedback on their performances and/or have specific questions answered by the featured LMR™ LIVE guests.  LMR™ creates the opportunity for people that would otherwise not have the chance to interact with these esteemed artists to do so free of charge.  Music professors have been eager to utilize this resource and want their students to participate; students enjoy interacting and feeling a sense of ownership in their learning experience; performers are inspired to have their specific questions answered; and concert goers feel more connected to the music.  Don’t miss our next informational show with games, prizes, triva, and more.  The Music Research Revolution Continues!


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