The Living Music Resource takes a 21s century approach to classical vocal music research.  LMR™ provides the public with a free online database of rare and exciting video interviews with classical musicians and the opportunity to interact during the process.

Our vision is to provide a new way of experiencing classical music research.  LMR™ focuses on traditional aspects of the Humanities (music history, music criticism, vocal pedagogy, musical literature, poetic literature, performing arts, and media), as it pioneers new digital approaches with computer technology and multimedia.  Through our current and ever growing digital resource of video entries about vital vocal music topics, received directly from the source, we fill a void in music and academia.  LMR’s™ video library forever immortalizes the selected musicians’ musical thoughts, ideas, knowledge and philosophies.  We also build interest and anticipation about living artists and new works.  LMR™ acts as a platform for the showcased artists and allows users to be vested in the learning experience through our interactive components.