Welcome to LMR™! We hope you are ready for a new approach to classical music research. The Living Music Resource™ is an online video library of educational interviews in vocal music housed at the University of Mississippi. LMR™ is a mobile-friendly responsive designed site giving anyone (professor, student, performer, concert goer, public school teacher, and general public) free access to its archives anytime and anywhere. Instead of reading the information second hand, viewers get the material directly from the source. This first hand experience gives the unique opportunity to gain insight to the musician’s personality, demeanor and philosophy on music.

The LMR™ research experience is innovative and interactive for the user. In addition to housing archival video entries on the site, new interviews will continually be released. Members are encouraged to suggest musicians to be showcased and submit questions for the upcoming interviews. The site will also stream live interviews (LMR’s™ Beat), welcoming questions via twitter, email, phone or text from anywhere in the world. The entire LMR experience is free and users simply have to join the site to stay updated on LMR™ activities and new archives.

Classical musicians in the 21st century must find ways to bridge the strong traditions of the art form to the needs of today. The customs and standards of classical music can be upheld, while incorporating the contemporary ideas of today’s artists, audiences, students and resources of the 21st century. Classical music does not have to be a dying art form. Most of the standard vocal repertoire is by deceased composers, but who is the “Mozart” among us now? LMR provides information and anticipation about artists, advocates their current contributions, and educates using technology as a research tool. Why should we only read how a prominent singer approaches breath? This question is more clearly and effectively answered by watching the “Pavarotti” of our time address it.

In academia, teachers and students struggle to find new vocal repertoire and reliable resources for the necessary research on music and composers. Today’s students want information immediately and do not always find reliable data. Teachers become frustrated when their students simply pull up the first thing they can find on their Smartphones when doing research. LMR™ is a reliable resource, providing a digital solution to these vital issues.

LMR™ explores and promotes the great musical works and knowledge of living classical music artists. Although there are valuable resources available, they continually use the same standard methods of both collecting and sharing the information. The reliable video format and interactive experience found on LMR™ fills a void in music and academia and beautifully supplements existing texts. This unprecedented resource can be used for courses, studio lessons, recitals, presentations, and so on.

Join LMR™ and become an active part of your musical research. Visit the Living Music Resource™ often and let us know who you want interviewed and what questions you want answered.

The Staff of LMR™